Monday 13 May 2013


They bathed him until he was thirty years old. In their defence they argued he was their only brother and somebody had to take care of him, their parents died when they were young. The tub filled with fragrant perfumes rubbing oil and making sure every corner was clean and shiny, they were very proud of their job. They had maids, cooks, gardeners and chauffers but they were the only ones allowed to touch him. He decided to get married to secure his lineage. The candidates were interviewed with zest, they were tested on the usual -cooking, dealing with the service, deportment and demeanour- but also on how to run a bath to the required standard, astronomy know-how, and everything they had read up until then.
Z.., the daughter of the local butcher, was their choice on account of her knowing by heart the map of the Universe and her aptitude for bathing. Everybody was proud a local girl was selected. The town was not very keen on foreigners-their notion included anybody who came from over 50 kilometers away. They married on a Sunday afternoon against the advice of the priest. The party lasted for a week. They went on honeymoon to the nearby lake. Z spent her nights looking at the stars while her new husband moaned about the water quality. He just about made himself consumate once. Afterwards, he claimed that she did not clean herself and smelt too much of her father's profession. She became a famous astronomer, took many lovers but never left her husband. He continued to engage in bathing with her sisters.

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