Friday 31 May 2013



Angst. Ich habe Angst. She remember learning in a sun-ridden class, the windows closed, the teacher perambulating and the small chair. She covered her notebook. The teacher looked at her.


Wednesday 29 May 2013


Back Pain.

They kept her company through the years.

Monday 27 May 2013

She said

She said she had lost so many years to squander what little she has left in yet another nervous breakdown.

Friday 24 May 2013



What does it takes to leave, disappear, never come back? A turn of the head? I am not talking when you are forced to leave, but of the resolution of packing everything, close the door and say goodbye.

Here, now, today, she is a recluse, she does not want company, she stares in silence.


Wednesday 22 May 2013


She found the mice underneath the cupboards. The house contained layers and layers of long forgotten leftovers: her own mountain range inside the house, her universe inert and excluded. She had started to paint all in black. What to do with the creature?, she could do with some company, on the other hand it could gnaw through everything. Killing was out of the question, so she called the pest controler. 

Monday 20 May 2013


In her drawer there is a pedestrian photo of a undescripted place. There is a middle age bald man in with a soldier behind. Every night, before sleeping, she has looked it. A silent pray and a kiss, the hope never relinquished.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Are you listening

Are you listening to what I am saying? Please, please.


The house burnt to the ground. She stares at the remnants, coiled, grieving. One day, one day.



Wednesday 15 May 2013

She wastes

She wastes her time doodling, watching trash tv, half reading all the books and magazines she had hoarded. She says they are always after her, that no matter what she does they will keep haunting her. She had tried but she can only live for the fleeting moment. There is no peace.

Monday 13 May 2013


They bathed him until he was thirty years old. In their defence they argued he was their only brother and somebody had to take care of him, their parents died when they were young. The tub filled with fragrant perfumes rubbing oil and making sure every corner was clean and shiny, they were very proud of their job. They had maids, cooks, gardeners and chauffers but they were the only ones allowed to touch him. He decided to get married to secure his lineage. The candidates were interviewed with zest, they were tested on the usual -cooking, dealing with the service, deportment and demeanour- but also on how to run a bath to the required standard, astronomy know-how, and everything they had read up until then.
Z.., the daughter of the local butcher, was their choice on account of her knowing by heart the map of the Universe and her aptitude for bathing. Everybody was proud a local girl was selected. The town was not very keen on foreigners-their notion included anybody who came from over 50 kilometers away. They married on a Sunday afternoon against the advice of the priest. The party lasted for a week. They went on honeymoon to the nearby lake. Z spent her nights looking at the stars while her new husband moaned about the water quality. He just about made himself consumate once. Afterwards, he claimed that she did not clean herself and smelt too much of her father's profession. She became a famous astronomer, took many lovers but never left her husband. He continued to engage in bathing with her sisters.

Saturday 11 May 2013


Everything tastes foul according to her, only coffee passes through her mouth.





Monday 6 May 2013


I need a shower, she repeats to herself time and time again. She stays on the chair, smoking and the past comes uninvited, hovering in the horizon, eating away her entrails.


Friday 3 May 2013

The sky

The sky, an ode in grey, walking under the trees, she kicks the stones, turn around and cannot find her keys. She curses in silent, phones her husband. No response. She goes to a hotel, dreams she is free and cries a little. In the morning, she tries again, a sour voice answers. Startled, she goes to his office. Nobody had seen him since last August. The locksmith takes his time to come. Once inside, she goes through his papers. Nothing. She buys a small box and she buries it in the garden with a plaque in his name. Every year she puts flowers.




She said the park is her home, nobody sees her and she can die a little