Monday 26 December 2011


We always go to Midnight Mass. This year it finished at two in the morning. The Bishop gave a long sermon on concupiscence, lechery and greed. The streets are so dark, Aunt J walked straight into a wall and fainted. We carry her light body to the house. Mother brings her a glass of brandy which will never again leave Aunt's hands.

The Bishop likes to surround himself with spinsters adorned with nubile nieces. He defends the poor and sows his oats amongst his flock

Monday 19 December 2011


 A wallpaper of generals covers the streets of the town. We surf the city on board an old tramway. The rail station opens and we are waiting in the cafe. The days are bright and Our Mother sings to heaven. We pray in the morning and in the afternoon. She has a black book full of promises. Money never arrives on time. She declares we must think about the future and what to do to earn the pennies. To each what can be done best. We all look at our Sister and we know her destiny.

Monday 12 December 2011

They say if you know the past you understand the present
They say this is all there is
They say there is nothing new under the sun
they say there is a time a for everything
they say we are cursed from the day we were born
they say our friends will betray us
they say loneliness is waiting for us round the corner
they say they will never leave us alone
and minute later they go and die on us .

Monday 5 December 2011


Cousin practices the piano mute. We play in the afternoon in silence. Mother abhors disturbances, noises, interruptions. Only her steps can be heard. Father breathes in small bouts. From time to time one of us is summoned for punishment on account of unameable crimes of which we know nothing, but  like the first sin, they stick to our skin. They can never be redeemed. Our blood mingles with the earth. The sun shines high and after a while we continue playing as before.