Monday 27 February 2012


She stumbles her words, they riot in her mouth, fighting her tongue, scattering her breath. She remembers the tall grass, the high wind, the storm fast approaching. Thunderbolts, the forest is shining silver, the water thick and warm drowns her senses. 

Monday 20 February 2012

  A foreigner dreaming of absence

 (a goodbye at midnight, a forgotten whisper)

Monday 13 February 2012

an exercise in absurdity.

an exercise in absurdity.

Out of nowhere a circle appears. Uncle C. is drawing.
a place on the ground
turning around, tangle of people.
over in a flash
what am I here for.
synthetic voices
fill the void, fill the void.

The cars rush around her, she cannot see anymore. They took away her sight in a corner of the abandoned Park. She wanders selling roses, a young girl trotting behind. When she appears in the cafe, Mother point at her and tells us that see what happen when you do not take care of yourself. We know better, we like her.

Monday 6 February 2012

Today we feel generous. We take them to the beach, point at the birds and say how lucky they are to be here. They look at us bemused. On the beach, we are alone and for that we are grateful. We do not understand them. After a while, Mother arrives in disarray and ask what do we think we are doing. She drags us away by our hair. The beach has never feel so vast and away.