Monday 17 October 2011


Woman smoking. Waves of heat. The rain should come soon. Hens cackling outside, the maid is trying to corral one for dinner

Woman smoking: inside her the seed is growing. Blue sky, white sheets, high up the ceiling

Woman smoking the seed is growing. A supply of hard bread, flour, pasta and salt comes every week. The words stream out of his mouth. A spider hangs from the ceiling.

Woman smoking, the seed is growing. Thunder precedes the rain, the armadillo strolls around the veranda.

Woman smoking, she has installed a ghost trap. She awaits. The air silvers with light, dogs barking, birds dancing. Earth holed up with water.

Woman smoking seed growing. Up the trees looking down the world, she sees the woman smoking, cowered, bleeding., up the tree only the skies and the birds

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